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Ancient Aliens is an America television series which premiered on the History channel on April 20, 2010. The program presents the so-called ancient astronaut theory. This is the idea that extra-terrestrials visited earth in the ancient past and that historical texts, archaeological records and various legends contain evidence of this contact.

I used to believe that the Ancient Astronaut theory was true. I spent years learning about it from the popular authors and from video presentations and radio shows. I was an enthusiastic promoter of this idea to my friends and family.

Although I no longer believe the theory, I want you to know that I have no personal reason to reject it. My current worldview could easily accommodate the existence of extra-terrestrials – even ones that visited in the ancient past.

I hope that, even if you disagree with my conclusions, you will come away from this essay believing that I reviewed the claims of Ancient Aliens with respect and without bias.

This essay is not a matter of showing you that the Ancient Aliens simply got a few details wrong, but their main premise can remain true. This, in my opinion, is not an option.

I hope to demonstrate to you that they are not wrong on just some information, but on every single point where they assert the Ancient Astronaut theory to explain evidence. I also hope to demonstrate the often deceptive means they use to convey their ideas, which includes them fabricating evidence to substantiate their points.

I would like the reader to know that, unlike many skeptics of the Ancient Astronaut theory, I concede that something unusual in the ancient past could have occurred and that there are certain consistent themes in ancient mythologies that require good explanations. But I think you will quickly see that the Ancient Astronaut theories do not explain the evidence.

I will occasionally be joined by commentary from Dr. Michael Hesier, who is one of the few scholars who has been willing to interact with the Ancient Astronaut Theory. Dr Hesier has been one of the most articulate proponents of the skeptical viewpoint of this theory and has written papers and books, as well as almost a dozen websites, on the issues we will cover in this essay. We are happy to have his input in this essay and happy to have you, the reader, here too!

I encourage you to have an open mind and enjoy.

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