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Misc and Conclusions

(go to 3:07:10 in the video).

(see footnotes below) 

There are many more topics that we could have covered throughout this essay – like the claim that this ancient Egyptian relief is depicting a grey alien which, in more high resolution pictures can be seem to be a plant and a vase depicted in many other places in Egyptian art.

Or this this supposed ‘ancient rocket ship’ sculpture which, according to this Turkish article written in 2003[1], is a fake. The article quotes the curator of the Turkish museum saying it’s about 25 years old and made of plaster.

Ancient Aliens makes plenty more claims in their series, but I believe we have covered the best they had to offer. I could go on and debunk all the other claims they make and, to a certain extent, I will on the Ancient Aliens Debunked website. I hope to make this site a hub for this type of information.

The main thing I want to stress is that I’m not trying to suggest that, while Ancient Aliens got a few claims wrong, there’s room for truth in their main theory. That, in light of this information, is not a tenable position. You have just witnessed the unmistakable symptoms of the entire theory being wrong.

I would ask you also to take a long, hard look at the authors, speakers and charismatic personalities that led you to believe some of the things that I hope you can now see are wrong.

I hope that this helps you realize they are not as smart as they have led you to believe, and to consider what other untruths they may have taught you.

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be taken by this kind of thing. We must be people with higher standards when it comes to verifying what is true.

Heiser: “Do not become enslaved to an authority figure. They should always be willing to direct you to information so that you can do the work and check on them. If they don’t, you should be suspicious. This is something, as a professor and scholar, I try to get my students to consider and think about because, let’s face it, how many of us are really into this stuff? How many of us study ancient languages? How many people have the ability to check on people like Zecharia Sitchin who comes along and starts spouting things about Arcadian and Hebrew? The answer is: not many. It just sounds like a horrible amount of work to gain that knowledge so you can evaluate what they say, and I understand that. But you should not let that allow you to check your brain in at the door. You should ask that source; that person ‘Where can I look? What can I do? What can I access to try to test what you’re saying?’

Please visit the website to see the different sections of this film or to download it for your personal use. Feel free to use this film in any way you see fit – except for charging for it in any way.

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